5 Home Remedies for Ringing in the Ears

5 Home Remedies for Ringing in the Ears

Ringing in the years or Tinnitus can present itself in the form of ringing, buzzing and other disturbing noises due to damage to the nerve endings. This can also result from exposure to excessively loud noise, injury or an ear infection. It is important to note that ringing in the ears should not be ignored and treated with alarming seriousness. Ignoring the signs can lead to permanent deafness. Here are 5 home remedies for ringing in the ears.

1. Reduce the intake of caffeine

Rather than thinking about what you can take in order to cure this ailment, you need to consider what can aggravate this problem. If you’re in the habit of having tea, coffee or aerated drinks, make sure, they are decaffeinated. Caffeine reduces the blood flow to your ears, neck and the ears leading to blockage in small blood vessels.

2. Reduce salt intake

Excess intake of salt causes increase in blood pressure and hypertension. The sodium content in salt can heighten the effects of tinnitus and also cause increasing blood pressure. Using salt in small quantities in food preparation is an easy and simple way to curb this condition.

3. Avoid exposure to loud noises

If you are already affected by this condition, you might want to take precautions in order to not allow it to become worse. Avoid going to pubs, bars and parties with high sound levels. Listen to music on a normal volume. Blaring sound emanating from ear plugs can cause severely aggravate your condition.

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