3 Reasons Why Ice Cream is Healthy

3 Reasons Why Ice Cream is Healthy

Is there anyone who can resist the look or taste of an ice cream. You don’t need to be a kid to go crazy and feel your mouth water at the mention of a Sundae. So what exactly deters us from relishing that cone of ice cream? They’re the so called harmful effects of ice cream. But did you know, contrary to popular belief, ice cream does more good than bad to your health. Read ahead to know some reasons why ice cream is healthy.

1. Is rich in calcium

Ice cream is rich in calcium. As you already know, there is an unending list of benefits of calcium. Let’s focus on a few of them.
i) Builds the body
99% of the body’s calcium goes in building bones and teeth. But calcium has other benefits as well. The rest 1% of total body calcium is necessary for supporting other critical bodily functions like hormonal secretion, nerve transmission and so on.
ii) Weight watch
Tougher than losing weight is maintaining it. A calcium rich diet prevents the lost weight from creeping back. According to a research, 1,000 to 1,300 milligrams of calcium intake a day ensures zero weight gain.
iii) Less risk of cancer
The risk of colon cancer is substantially reduced due to the intake of calcium and hence a sufficient amount of calcium must be a part of your diet.
iv) Tackling PMS
A host of premenstrual symptoms like mood swings, bloating and so on can be resolved by calcium.
v) Less incidence of kidney stones
In stark contrast to the traditional low-calcium diet recommended by doctors to reduce the risk of kidney stones, a recent study established the relation between high calcium intake and low kidney stone occurrence.

2. Helps to maintain low GI

A low glycemic index (GI) implies low rate of carbohydrate absorption and hence lower insulin demand. Hence, in spite of the presence of sugar in ice cream, the ill effects are less.

3. Is full of vitamins and proteins

Ice cream contains many vitamins like Vitamin B12, A, D. Besides, it has proteins as well.

These days, experiments are on to fortify ice cream with antioxidants and dietary fiber to give rise to an even more nutritious variety of ice cream. But then, aren’t the above benefits reason enough for you to rush to the nearest ice cream parlor?

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