Top 8 Benefits Of A Good Posture

Top 8 Benefits Of A Good Posture

Thousands of health magazines, fitness experts, gym trainers and physicians must have told you that a good posture is a key to good health. In fact, the good posture good health correlation has been imbued in you since your school days. But, do you know why is the stress always on a good posture? Do you know the benefits of a good posture? Well, here’s your guide. Have a look at the top 8 benefits of a good posture.

8. Reduces back and neck pain

The most rewarding benefit of having a good posture is reduced back and neck pain. When you maintain a good posture, the body stays in alignment. As a result, muscles and ligaments don’t get strained, resulting in lesser back and neck pain.

7. Reduces the chances of arthritis

A good posture lessens the strain that comes on muscles and ligaments, due to over usage. As a result, it reduces the chances of bones getting brittle. Due to this, the risk of contracting arthritis also diminishes.

6. Reduces fatigue

When the body stays in proper alignment, muscles are used in an efficient manner. As a result, the body’s productivity increases and the amount of fatigue that you experience decreases.

5. Facilitates the process of respiration

A good posture facilitates the process of respiration. When you sit upright, your muscles relax and you find it easy to breathe. Studies reveal, people with a good posture find it much easier to breathe than those who slouch.

4. Facilitates blood circulation

A good posture improves the circulation of blood in the body. As a result, there are reduced risks of blood clots, obstruction of nerves and blood vessels. Hence, there are lesser chances of contracting major health problems.

3. Improves concentration

As mentioned earlier, a good posture facilitates breathing. When you breathe easily, you tend to inhale more oxygen that is required by the brain to function effectively. When the brain functions effectively, your cognitive abilities and concentration level goes high.

2. Improves confidence

Studies reveal that people with a good posture ooze more confidence than those who have a bad posture. This is because when you sit straight and stand tall, you feel immensely confident. Try sitting straight for 2 minutes in your chair right now, and notice the difference!

1. Enhances self-image

A good posture has a noticeable impact on your appearance. Firstly, a good posture makes you appear slimmer, taller and leaner (even if you are a little overweight!). Secondly, when you walk tall, you have a grace and a gait that reflects your confidence and boosts your self-image. Your confidence and high self-image have lasting effects on your mental makeup.

So ladies, the next time you feel like slouching, come back to this article, sit straight and feel the difference!

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