10 Creative Ways to Dump Your Boyfriend

10 Creative Ways to Dump Your Boyfriend

You are in a relationship and after careful consideration, you realize that your boyfriend is a total fathead. It may be difficult to settle down with someone whom you are not compatible with but it is even tougher to spend time with a very stupid boyfriend. If you are extremely sure there is no point in continuing the relationship because of genuine reasons, you might want to put an end to it. You can do so creatively through many ways. Explore these creative ways to dump your boyfriend listed here.

1. Write a Letter

Yes, you read it right. Letter writing may be a very old tradition but the power of words in black and white far surpasses the ones that come out from the mouth. There are many advantages to expressing through letters. One, you put in words only after well thinking them out. You ensure they neither sound hurting nor put the reader in discomfort. Besides careful choice of words, a letter can be read multiple times and with each time, the reader gets to gradually come to terms with what has been stated. At the end, there will be no hard feelings for the writer or the reader.

2. Shift the Blame onto Yourself

If your boyfriend is stupid and cannot really understand the magnitude of the situation with maturity, you can very easily shift the blame onto yourself. Let him know that he does not deserve someone so unsympathetic and undeserving as you are. This will inflate his ego and make him relate and receive the dumping quite well.

3. Give him a Glaring Opportunity

If you find the task of dumping the fathead difficult, make him do it for you. Give him a blatant opportunity of needing to dump you. Something that irks or turns him off. He should be left with no choice but to dump you. This makes the two of you happy and relieved.

4. Leave No Trail

Shift to a different location if you can. But ensure you leave no trail so that he does not end up following you and reaching your doorstep.

5. Actions Speak Louder than Words

Hook up with someone else. You can either pretend to or if you are fortunate enough, manage to find someone compatible in a short term period. But this may be quite painful to him and he may resort to unpleasant acts. Alternatively, you can find a girl who will try hooking up with him so as to divert his attention from you.

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