6 Ways Drinking can Affect Your Skin

6 Ways Drinking can Affect Your Skin

For a lot of people these days, drinking alcohol has become as habitual as drinking water or any other drink. They don’t think twice before getting drunk, because they find fun and pleasure in doing so. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing to do, because alcohol affects one’s skin and body considerably, lowering one’s immunity and stamina levels. Since women are usually very conscious about the way they look, they must know and realize how drinking can spoil their appearance. This is especially important for younger women, and those who are in glamour related industries or professions.

1. Dry Skin

Consuming alcohol makes the body completely dehydrated, and forces the kidneys to take double the amount of time and energy to flush out the waste and keep the water levels intact in the body. You may realize this if you try recalling how thirsty you woke up the morning after your excessive alcohol drinking. Eventually, the skin starts to become really dry, and loses the natural moisture.

2. Dullness

Alcohol prevents the nutrients and minerals in the body to reach the skin cells and replenish them, which eventually causes the skin to become pale and dull. It also causes deficiency of Vitamin A, which has antioxidants required for cell renewal.

3. Rosacea

This is a condition that leads to redness on the skin, along with facial disfigurement. Research has found out that a majority of the patients suffering from Rosacea were regular alcohol drinkers, and were also suffering from other bodily problems because of the same habit.

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