5 Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

5 Signs of a Clingy Girlfriend

When in a relationship, it is very easy especially for women to become emotionally attached and obsessive about their partners. Watch out for certain clear signs that you are being clingy and stay away from them for you will do more harm to your relationship than improving it. Listed here are some such signs which indicate that you are being clingy.

1. Forgetting or ignoring family and friends

If you feel that your world has shrunk to your partner and there is nothing significant beyond him, then it is a warning sign. Your life extends beyond him. Friends, family, career and other things are important as well. But if you have taken away priorities from these aspects and have begun to forget or ignore them, then chances are that you are being clingy.

2. Feeling depressed every time he is not around

Is every absence of your partner worrying you too much? There are no problems if you miss the presence of your partner. But when it becomes an obsession that depresses you beyond measure, then there are certain things you will have to bring into perspective.

3. Substituting your interests with his

Every individual has his or her own share of likes and interests. They grow with you and you nurture them as an inherent part of your personality. However, with age and situations, some amount of change is natural. But when your relationship is compelling you to replace all your interests with that of his and if this compulsion is more internal than external, it is a red flag.

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