Top 10 Songs of Whitney Houston That Have Rocked Our Lives

Top 10 Songs of Whitney Houston That Have Rocked Our Lives

Whitney Houston is no more. Yet, she lives with us, breathes with us and sings with us through her songs. Lending her incredible voice, she has given the world some of the most beautiful songs of all time. Have a look at the top 10 songs of Whitney Houston that have rocked our lives.

1. I Will Always Love You

Do we really have to tell you why this song holds position#1? All of you knows what magic this beautiful song weaves.

2. Greatest Love of All

Whitney Houston has been a source of inspiration for many and ‘Greatest Love Of All’ is that one song with which she used to motivate so many of her fans. Considered the most inspirational hit, this song throws light upon empowering the self.

3. I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Whenever you’re down, just play this track and soon you’ll begin to tap your feet to the tunes of this song. This uplifting song got Whitney a Grammy award for ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance’.

4. How Will I Know

This amazing song made Whitney an R&B hit and even returned her the #1 place for around two weeks as soon as it was released.

5. I am Your Baby Tonight

In ‘I am Your Baby Tonight’, Houston gave her voice a sensual appeal that enamored numerous fans across the globe. This song redefined the excitement of falling in love.

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