9 Weight Loss Secrets

9 Weight Loss Secrets

Losing weight can be a tricky affair. But there are a lot of secrets that can help you along the way. We let you in on some amazing weight loss secrets!

1. Find food substitutes

Eat a healthy balanced diet composed of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates during the day. You can substitute your dinner or supper with fruits. Any foods that you eat beyond 7 in the evening contribute directly to your body and add on the pounds. So, if you intend to pull down, have fruits that are water rich and can include melons, citrus fruits and papayas. Besides nourishing your body, these fruits also aid weight loss. You can also substitute white rice with brown rice which is known to be much healthier. Check with your GP or nutritionist for healthy food substitutes.

2. Have small snacks

There is some truth in feeding yourself small meals throughout the day. Having small meals like fruits or protein-rich and fiber-rich foods can do a lot of good to your body. Small meals also ensure that you do not overeat. You can easily control your portions and give your body the right amounts of nutrients, not to mention energy. Avoid skipping meals as this only interferes with your goal of weight loss.

3. Say yes to hydration

There is no substitute for water! Whether you are exercising or are on a diet plan, drink lots and lots of water. At least two liters of water in a day is essential in order to flush out toxins from your body. This keeps you hydrated and also prevents you from feeling tired. Make sure you don’t consume too much water before a meal as it may fill you up and cause late night snacking!

4. Eat slowly

Sometimes, you are so hard pressed for time that food is probably something you wolf down. You eat fast just enough to satiate hunger. When you eat fast, your body seldom realizes when to stop. You may end up eating a lot more than you should. Eating fast also doesn’t let you chew your food properly which is essential for good digestion. On the contrary, when you take small morsels of food slowly at a time, you taste the goodness of what you eat and also tend to eat less.

5. Eat that breakfast

Breakfast is not something you should take lightly. There is a reason it’s said one should eat breakfast like a king. Being the first meal of the day, it decides how energetic you will be and affects what you eat for lunch, teatime and dinner. A healthy breakfast not only prevents sluggishness, it also means that you are less likely to indulge in heavier foods at lunch and dinner. Apples are a great source of energy and fill you up nicely. Add some to your breakfast menu or maybe even lunch.

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