8 Exotic Foods Around the World

8 Exotic Foods Around the World

There are foods available around the globe which are considered strange to the human appetite but nevertheless, they do exist. Here are some of the 8 exotic foods in the world.

1. Durian fruit

This delectable fruit enjoyed by many animals is not widely available. You might think it is juicier than mangoes or strawberries but its powerful whiff will prove you wrong as it is a cross between vomit and rotten vegetables.

2. Madagascan Hissing Cockroach

The only way many people prefer cockroaches are in their dead form and miles away from their homes, hence you will find pest sprays in their kitchen. But in many cultures, cockroaches are as appetizing as fried chicken.

3. Earthworms

For most people, they are a farmer’s friend but consumption of the same is considered absolutely absurd. In Croatia however, there is a restaurant which only serves earthworms which the locals consider enriched with iron and protein.

4. Prairie oysters

Prairie oysters are actually the testicles of animals such as bulls, sheep and pigs, mostly domestic animals. It’s a widely popular cuisine in cattle grazing areas in America, Canada, Europe and Australia.

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