7 Signs You are in an Unstable Marriage

7 Signs You are in an Unstable Marriage

It is difficult to survive in a marriage which is unstable. You are not happy, you are not sad; there is an emotional turmoil in your life, which makes things all the more difficult. Listed below are some signs you are in an unstable marriage.

1. No trust

If you don’t trust your partner and vice versa, then marriage does not hold any meaning for you. A successful marriage cannot survive without trust and honesty. In fact, the main problem starts with lack of trust. As a result of which your marriage becomes unstable.

2. Constant arguments

If you argue with your partner for no reason, then this can also cause trouble in your marriage. There might be some doubt or miscommunication, because of which you argue with your partner. Constant arguments can also lead to bigger fights in marriage.

3. No future planning

Your marriage is highly unstable, if there is no future planning. Future planning does not refer to kids only. It includes finances and other considerations. If your partner is not ready to talk about these issues, then your marriage is in for some trouble. If your partner ignores the topic of future planning, it only means that he is not sure of a future with you.

4. No sexual intimacy

Sexual intimacy is a way to express your love in marriage. If there is no sexual intimacy or closeness, then your marriage is unstable. If your partner is not interested in you anymore, it only means he might have fallen out of love with you. If you also have similar feelings for him, then confront him about the future of your marriage. Staying in an unstable marriage can also cause emotional turmoil, which would then affect your health.

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