6 Benefits of a Cardio Workout

6 Benefits of a Cardio Workout

Cardio workouts include a variety of indoor and outdoor exercises including jogging on the treadmill, cycling, running or using the elliptical training machine. These low impact exercises have many health benefits. Check out some such benefits of a cardio workout.

1. Increases your overall stamina

A cardio workout increases your heart rate and blood flow. It uses increased oxygen supply as a means to meet energy demands of your body while exercising. This cycle keeps getting more efficient as you increase the regularity of your cardio workout, leading to increased body stamina. For example, you may only be able to jog for a couple of miles in the beginning. But once you make jogging a regular habit, you may easily be able to run five miles.

2. Helps you lose weight

Cardio workouts are used by fitness instructors worldwide to help people reach their weight loss goals. This is because of the fact that cardio workout speeds up your metabolism, which eventually results in weight loss by burning calories. If you are trying to control weight by dieting, you must make regular cardio workouts a mainstay of your weight management plan.

3. Tones your body

Strength training workouts focus around making a person physically stronger. Bodybuilding workouts focus on increasing muscle mass by focusing on one particular muscle group at a time. However cardio workouts like jogging, exercising on the elliptical training machine or swimming work multiple muscles of the body. These workouts burn calories, strengthen and condition your muscles, increase circulation and oxygen flow to tone up the body from the core.

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