7 Life Lessons to Learn from Tom and Jerry

7 Life Lessons to Learn from Tom and Jerry

How to eat Jerry seems to be Tom’s perpetual worry and Jerry simply remains unhurt even if Tom somehow manages to swallow him. This is all what you get to see in this popular animated series. But did you know, there’s a lot to learn from this show? Upon close introspection, you’d realize that there are few lessons that the hilarious duo teaches. Listed here are some such life lessons that Tom and Jerry teach us.

1. Never ever give up

Both Tom and Jerry are born to never give up. Tom admits his defeat before Jerry only to bounce back at the next chance, with even more innovative, destructive strategies.

2. Size does not matter

Although Tom never hesitates to use even the most lethal weapon to kill Jerry, the mouse emerges victorious every time. If we have sharp brains and great wits to our advantage, defeating even a mighty enemy is no big deal.

3. People close to us are not our foes after all

Actually, we keep fighting with the ones who are closest to us, oblivious of the bond that we share with them. It is just that we often take them for granted. It is only when they are in a tough situation, that we realize we are more than ready to offer them a shoulder of support.

4. You have it in yourself

If you ever feel lost or disheartened, just look within. You have it in yourself to fight back the odds. Explore your inner strengths. It is only when you are left with no other choice that you realize how strong you actually are.

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