8 Signs That You Are Ready For Marriage

8 Signs That You Are Ready For Marriage

Marriage is a life long commitment and a sacrament made between two people in love. It cannot be dealt with lightly. Both the man and the woman should be ready for marriage. If not, it will be a tough time for both of them managing with the wedlock. Are you ready for marriage? If you have the following signs then you surely are.

1. You get upset when others get married

You can’t really help but feel upset when your friends get married. You feel a sense of incompleteness when you see your friends getting hitched and wonder when you will be in their shoes. Sometimes you may even feel jealous of them and think, ‘Why do they have to get married before me?”

2. You can trust a man

You seriously have to trust a man completely before getting married and if you feel you do, then that’s a clear sign that you are ready to tie the knot. Trust is after all the most important factor in marriage. It’s hard to find a man whom you can trust completely, isn’t it girls? So if you’ve found one, then you can surely get married to him.

3. You like the sound of the words ‘we’ and ‘us’

You tend to grow up thinking about yourself and the words ‘I’ and ‘me’ matter a lot to you. But there comes a time, when you want to share things and be with a man. You feel to do things together such as shopping, going to the market, and similar things. You stop thinking just about yourself.

4. You often picture yourself with him

One sure sign that says you are ready for marriage is that you will actually feel to spend the rest of your life with him. You imagine yourself with him most of the time. If only you are invited to a party, you feel to take him along with you. Simply put, you just want him to be a permanent part of your future.

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