Top 5 Ways To Control Anxiety

Top 5 Ways To Control Anxiety

Most women admit, they have to deal with this problem once in a while. Many women admit they are dealing with it on constant basis. So, if you are experiencing anxiety, you are not alone. Take a look at some ways to gain control over it.

1. Reduce stress

Stress can be responsible for your anxiety. Our modern life is fast paced. It crowds in too much work for us to finish in tight deadlines. So, the key is to stop feeling overwhelmed in life and keep some time for yourself. Learn not to undertake too much work and responsibility. There are times to say no. Try to do as much work as you are comfortable with. This would help you to get your anxiety under control and stop feeling like life is passing you by.

2. Learn breathing techniques

When you feel anxiety, you start breathing heavily. You can learn to calm yourself down by mastering breathing techniques. Slowing down your respiratory process is one of them. You should take a deep breath and slowly breathe the air out.

3. Relaxation

When you feel fear or anxiety, you wish to run or hide from the situation which is why your body gives corresponding signals. In both cases, all your muscles get strained. To control anxiety, you need to relax them. Sit down or better lie down. Try to calm down. You would be surprised to find how stressed your body is. Relax your body, starting with your face muscles. Spend at least 20 minutes relaxing.

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