8 Tips to Maintain Lifetime Friendships

8 Tips to Maintain Lifetime Friendships

Friends are smile; they are the light in the darkness of the life. If you have some real good friends in your life, then you should be happy and cherish the friendship forever. Friendship, when nurtured with love and care can last a lifetime. Here are some tips to maintain lifetime friendships.

1. Don’t expect anything

Friendship is a very pure and open relationship; there is no place for expectations in friendship. If you expect things in return, then chances are you might get hurt. So, always be true in friendship. Help your friend when she needs you but don’t expect in return. Your friend would always want to keep such a sweet person in her life.

2. Communicate with your friends

Friendship does fade away with time, so it needs your efforts. It is important to communicate with your friend all the time. If you don’t have the time to talk on the phone, then chat with your friend through social apps. You also have a wonderful way to stay connected in the form of Facebook and Twitter. So, use all the apps to communicate with your friends.

3. Respect your friends

Respect your friend for who she is in life. She may not be someone great, but she has her own identity. It’s your duty as a friend to respect her in every possible way. Do not talk behind her back and always maintain that dignified approach. When you will respect your friend, your friendship would remain forever in time.

4. Give the required space

If you start dominating in friendship, then your friend would feel suffocated. Give her the required space she needs. Don’t force her to tell you something, she is not comfortable with. When she feels the need, she would come and confess it in front of you. So, if there is space in friendship, it can survive for the longest time in life.

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