5 Tips to Deal With a Passive-Aggressive Boss

5 Tips to Deal With a Passive-Aggressive Boss

Who doesn’t have a fight with their boss? But when he or she is aggressive and impatient, you have a lot at stake to worry about. Here are 5 ways to deal with a passive aggressive boss.

1. Be cautious at all times

If you are aware that you have a boss who is aggressive and has anger issues, the first and foremost thing to do is to be cautious. Do not give your boss a chance to point a finger at you, try to stay in his good books and not come in his notice for any wrong reason. This will help you to avoid unwanted heated situations.

2. Take it in your stride

Do not let your boss’s anger affect your mental health in any way. If you know that your boss has an aggressive behavior do not take each and every thing that he says to you in anger, personally. Just listen, because you can’t react but don’t let it affect your mood or your work. Perform your duties with dedication, go home and relax and also find a good stress buster that could help keeping your mood set at all times.

3. Try to impress your boss

If you are the kind of employee who knows how to create a charm and get noticed, go ahead and try that. Use your charm to impress your boss, try to notice his likes and dislikes and follow them like a rule book. Give your boss compliments from time to time, but don’t overdo it because it may become obvious that you are faking it. Follow his orders correctly and prove yourself in front of him. This will surely save you from your boss’s aggressive behavior.

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