10 Bad Omens From Around The World

10 bad omens from around the world

Bad omens and superstitions are wide spread beliefs that are followed by many. Let us take a look at some of the most common and interesting ones out of them.

1. Walking under a ladder or a post with a hold

In some countries, people believe that if you walk under a post or a ladder, you walk through devil’s gates. Others believe, you break down your aura.

2. Black cat

If a black cat crosses the road before you, luck will leave you from then on and bad luck would follow you, wherever you go.

3. Number 13

This number is held ominous, especially, when it is combined with Friday. Friday 13th is held as a worse day according to superstitions. In Russia, 13 is called the devil’s dozen.

4. Mirror break

According to traditional belief, our mirror reflection possesses our soul. If you break a mirror, this means you break your soul and energy. The punishment for such a ‘crime’ was the absence of luck for 7 years.

5. Salt

If you spill salt, it’s forewarning about a quarrel with your loved ones.

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