Top 10 Benefits Of Marriage

Top 10 Benefits Of Marriage

Most people take marriage lightly and think it’s easy to survive a marriage. In some countries, people also believe that marriage is a very commonplace term. However, when you take a look at the list of top 10 benefits of marriage, you might change your opinion and view marriage as an essential part of life.

1. Taking care of oneself

According to statistics, married men and women live longer and healthier lives. This is because they have more responsibilities towards their spouses and kids. This gives them less opportunities to harm themselves in any way and they also take care of themselves.

2. Reduced risk of STDs

Married people have a stable and regular sex life. They also attain greater satisfaction because of having sex with a partner they love and trust. This decreases the chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases due to unsafe sex.

3. Better health

According to statistics, married women have better health. Great sex contributes to an overall sense of satisfaction and happiness, which promotes better health.

4. Less addiction to alcohol

Married people have less addiction to alcohol. They rarely turn towards alcohol or suffer from depression.

5. More earnings

Even though it is reported that married men and women spend more money, they also make more money. Having a strong stimulus in life in the form of their spouse and children helps them to attain higher social status.

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