5 Tips to Get Your Friends to Trust You

5 Tips to Get Your Friends to Trust You

Many a times, we do something intentionally or unintentionally that end with our friends losing their trust on us. We all love our friends and definitely don’t want the friendship to end. But gaining someone’s trust back isn’t an easy job. Yet, it isn’t impossible either. So, whether you have done something that you are sorry for now and want your friends to trust you again, or you want to start a new friendship or solid grounds of trust, here are a few tips which will definitely help you.

1. Be honest

Honesty is the key to gain anybody’s trust. Giving excuses can save you once, but it will not last forever. Eventually the person will know that you are not to be trusted. Hence, be honest and show them the real picture. If you cannot make it to an appointment on time or you cannot go out with them for a holiday, tell them the real reason. Don’t make up excuses. If they’re truly your friends, they will understand.

2. Be humble

Being humble is the best way to gain someone’s trust. A person will only hesitate to trust you or open up to you if they fear that you are arrogant or condescending. Humility from your end will remove that barrier and they will know that you will not judge them or insult them in any way, giving a strong foundation to your friendship.

3. Avoid self-interest

When you are in a group of friends, think on behalf of the group and not just yourself. Put the “I” factor at the end of the list. This way, your friends will know that you are not a selfish person, but you think about everyone. It will make them trust you more and your decisions will be valued.

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