Top 10 Turn Offs For Men

Top 10 Turn Offs For Men

Not everything that you do attracts a man towards you. Even if you are the prettiest woman in the world, there are some things that men just cannot bear. There are certain things that can be a huge turn off for men. Here’s the list; check it out.

1. Over-feminism

These refer to women who think that women are the only people in the world who suffer and men are the only reasons for it. And no we are not talking about women who only oppose male chauvinism. We are talking about women who go about talking bad things about men, and influencing other women to think against them. They are women who think women are better than men, instead of treating them equally. Such women can be a huge huge turn off for men.

2. Career obsession

No, we’re not talking about women who take their career seriously. In fact, men like and respect such women. We are talking about women who behave like absolute workaholics by obsessing about their jobs, and who have no other life besides their office. An overly career centric woman is the description of a nerd, in a man’s dictionary. And most men don’t get attracted to nerds.

3. Meanness

Even if you look like Pamela Anderson and are bitchy and mean at heart, you would be a turn off for any man. Men hate women who think no end of themselves. They prefer a woman who is simple and sweet. Women who are mean to others around them, often don’t have many men genuinely liking them.

4. Fake plastics

Try to be someone else and men will run miles away from you, the next time they see you. Men like women who are themselves. A woman who tries to imitate someone else, just proves that she doesn’t have enough substance to prove herself. Women, who are fake, are naturally assumed to be insecure about themselves. Men hate such women.

5. Untidiness

You don’t have to be very good looking for men to like you. Men tend to knowingly or unknowingly prefer women who are presentable and know how to look after themselves. Women who don’t wax, who don’t bother to comb their hair, turn up with dirty finger nails and who smell bad are big, fat turn offs. Didn’t you already know that?

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