5 Tips on How to Propose on Valentine’s Day

Tips on How to Propose on Valentine's Day

Can anything beat proposing on Valentine’s Day? True. It might seem cheesy to some. Some cynics may even call it a disgusting thing to do. Whatever people say, there remains a certain allure to proposing to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Every year Valentine’s Day will hold an added significance for you and you can also take pride in the fact that the world celebrates along with you the day of your proposal. There are different ways you can propose. You can make it pretty elaborate, you can surprise your lover or you can make it quite simple by taking your lover to a place that is emotionally significant for the two of you. Here are some tips on how to propose on Valentine’s Day.

1. Make sure you will get an yes for an answer

You wouldn’t want to get your heart broken on Valentine’s Day, so make sure that you would get an yes before you propose. Also in your enthusiasm to impress your beau, do not go overboard and make it too showy and public. Too many emotions and attention at the same tie can also put them off and they may say no even if they do not want to. Know your partner well before you propose on Valentine’s Day.

2. Get the right ring

You may get a yes from the mouth, but sometimes the eyes may say a different story altogether. As much as excitement the proposal may cause, if the ring is not right it may take off some off the fun from the proposal. You would have known your partner for quite some time before you proposal, use this knowledge to choose the correct ring. You definitely do not want your partner to talk about changing the ring or getting a better or a smaller one.

3. Choose the right place

Choosing the right place is also very important for your proposal. Make sure your lover is comfortable before you pop that question. If your lover is a private person, you can propose in the bed, early in the morning, or if your lover doesn’t mind the attention you can make an elaborate proposal and get your friends together.

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