4 Reasons to Speak Lies to Your Boyfriend for a Better Relationship

Reasons to Speak Lies to Your Boyfriend for a Better Relationship

The problem with the saying ‘Honesty is the best policy’ is that it does not relate to each and every aspect of life. Sometimes, lies are consequential and in fact, necessary in order to maintain order and harmony. When it comes to relationships, the customary argument is that since trust is the building block of a relationship, lies do not have any place and should never be encouraged nor practiced. But if you think of it carefully, you will find that many times you have already lied to your parents, family members and friends, which may not be something to boast about, but all the same have been beneficial to you in some way or the other at some point of time. Without getting into the debates of morality and ethics, let us note the rationale of lying to your significant other. Not only does it help protect the relationship from probable failure, it also helps to keep the relationship lively. Listed below are 4 reasons to speak lies to your boyfriend for a better relationship.

1. To avoid conflict

You should sometimes lie in order to avoid conflict. Conflict is one of the main reasons why couples break up or enter into arguments which turn ugly. So in order to avoid such circumstances, if you think that it is advisable to lie sometimes, it is only for the good of the relationship. Of course, you are not supposed to be cheating him or anything, but you could most conveniently opt out of mentioning certain things that could spur a fight.

2. To avoid misunderstanding

Some truths can be quite shocking. Others are not so much but have tendencies to be misunderstood. If you think you should say something to your boyfriend, you may very well say it. But if you have a feeling that it could lead to a misunderstanding, severe or not, but has the potential to make him feel hurt, then you should choose to lie. This is just in order to protect the feelings of your boyfriend and keep your relationship intact.

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