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Huge Turn Off For Guys

Guys think differently! And, some things which you like may be a turn off for them in a relationship. Are you aware of things that they don’t like? Well, listed are some huge turns...

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4 Signs He is Secretly Unhappy in Your Relationship

Relationships can be tricky affairs. Not everyone is in a relationship because they have found their soul mate or because they think they will be their happiest being with the other person. People get...

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5 Things to Know Before Dating a Divorced Man

Before you decide to start dating a divorced man, it is very important that you do your research well. Get in touch with people who might know things about him and get some vital...

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6 Reasons to Find Time to Play With Your Kids

Many parents don’t realize that it is extremely important to spend time with their kids, especially to play with them. One of the biggest advantages of playing with your kids is that it will...

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9 Habits that Hurt Your Relationship

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. It’s like a roaster coaster ride where two people have to be on par with each other. However, there are certain habits that may genuinely hurt girls...

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5 Annoying First Date Conversations

Your behavior, impression, attitude and personality all matter a lot on the first date. You need to show the best in you so that you get a chance for a second date. A lot...

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5 Ways to Deal With a Jealous Friend

Jealousy isn’t just the purview of lovers. It is a feeling that can creep in the most unconditional of relationships as well, in a friendship. Of course, friendship isn’t an exclusive social contract like...

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6 Tips to Overcome Attraction in the Workplace

When you are at your workplace, there are strong chances that you may feel attracted towards someone. These attractions can happen irrespective of your relationship status. There are ways to deal with attraction in...

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5 Signs You’re Stuck in a Dead End Job

A dead end job is like a bad marriage. The longer you stay, the more worthless you feel. Repercussions of a stuck up career is felt for long if you fail to make the...