4 Ways to Know If Your Child is Being Stalked

Ways to Know If Your Child is Being Stalked

When you have a kid, there are so many things you have to deal with on a daily basis. It gets difficult if you have work and do not get enough time to spend with your kid. When you have to deal with so many conflicting demands every day, you will not get to know everything that is happening with your kid. Not only will you not know what progress they are making in school or who your kid’s friends are but also will not know if your kid is facing any problems. One of the problems your kid may face is stalking. Stalking can be physical as in the stalker might follow your kid around everywhere and can have a physical presence or it can be cyber stalking where your kid is harassed in the cyber world. Here are few ways to know if your child is being stalked.

1. Note any suspicious characters around the house

If you note any suspicious characters lurking around the house and you see them at odd times of the day every day then it is a sign that something is wrong. Inform the cops if you are too scared to confront the stalker on your own.

2. See if you child acts scared

Sometimes your kid won’t tell you if he or she is being stalked. The kid might feel that it is his or her fault that they are being stalked and may not confess to you. It is your responsibility to notice the subtle changes in your kid. Also notice if you kid keeps looking behind every time you go out and keeps looking out of the window every few hours.

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