Save Money With These 5 Tips

Save Money With These 5 Tips

Are you struggling to make ends meet? Do you have to think twice before going to the salon to get a pedicure? Are you going over-budget every month? Are you tired of those nasty debt collector calls? Here are some best tips that you can use in your daily routine to save a lot of money for a better future.

Saving Strategy #1: Inexpensive things aren’t cheap in the longer run

Do you usually buy lollies or knick knacks at the gas station on your way to work? Do you snack on lollies at your office desk? You may wonder why we are asking you to cut down on something as inexpensive as lollies, but the reason is very simple. One of our friends recently made us realize this. “$5 spent every day for a bag of lollies is $150 a month which is $1800 every year!”, she said. Wow, we never thought of this, did you? Friends, we’re sure you would want to save that much for later.

Saving Strategy #2: Don’t go gallivanting at the supermarket. Make a list and stick to it.

“I’ve overspent for this month, Jen”, said Rachel, shoving her hands in her wallet to reach out for a credit card. “Rach, you’re not going to stop overspending until you consider my idea”, Jen said. “The most common mistake all women make is to decide what they want to buy after scanning the supermarket. The key is to make a list before you venture out”. Well, we must admit Jen has some great advice here. You’ll stop buying unnecessary things by making a list and sticking to it.

Saving Strategy #3: Don’t come under the influence of the salon

“I hate Misha, that salon attendant who did my massage”, said a furious Caroline, after her trip to the salon. “What’s wrong?”, we asked, curiously. “She sweet-talked me into getting an exotic Oriental Aroma oil massage that I didn’t even want. And I ended up paying through my nose for it”, she yelled. The easiest way to deal with this issue is to plan your day out at the salon. If you’ve gone there for a haircut and a pedicure, stick to that.

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