How To Do Sunless Tanning At Home?

How To Do Sunless Tanning At Home?

Do you wish to get a tan for yourself but are scared of sun rays and tanning beds? In that case, you must opt for sunless tanning. It’s a safer option and reduces the chances of harm caused to the skin due to harmful sun rays and tanning beds. Want to know more about it? Then read below.

Sunless tanning is the process by which the skin is given tanning effect without exposing the body to the harsh rays of the sun. For this, all you need is artificial tanning liquids that are developed with dihydroxyacetone. When the tanning product with dihydroxyacetone is applied on the skin, it reacts with the amino acids in the epidermis of the skin and they produce the tanned color in unison.

You’d find several tanning liquids with dihydroxyacetone easily available in the market. Many of them are endowed with special attributes like sunscreens, AHAs and moisturizers. You will have to choose a tanning liquid that suits your skin type since it has an impact on the end result. The effect of tanning also depends on the formulation of the liquid, the technique of application and type of complexion that you possess.

Before you actually begin with the tanning process, wash your skin properly with soap. But make sure, you do not let the particles of your soap to stay back on your skin. Use an alkali remover to get rid of them. This will help in the reaction of the dihydroxyacetone with the amino acids. It may interfere in the reaction if the alkalis stay on the skin. Avoid excess use of the solution near the elbows, knees and ankles. Do not apply the solution under your eyes or on your lips. Wash your skin after you’ve applied the solution. The tan takes at least an hour to show up, so avoid swimming or having a bath in the meantime. You’ll be able to see the fully developed tan after nearly 8 hours.

You will have to take care of your skin post-application. You will have to use sunscreen on a regular basis so that the tanned skin is safe from sun rays. The effect of the tan will remain until the the skin sheds away the upper layer of the epidermis. On an average, it takes almost a week for that to happen. After that, you may have to apply the tanning solution again, if you like your tanned look.

One piece of advice, consult your doctor before you use tanning solutions. They can have an irreversible impact on the skin, if something goes wrong. This one especially goes for those with sensitive skin.

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