10 Love Songs to Listen to When You Are Waiting for Him to Propose

10 Love Songs to Listen to When You Are Waiting for Him to Propose

In spite of all the various changes over the years regarding gender-roles, a man asking a woman’s hand in marriage is an old tradition that has stayed strong. For a woman, the man she loves getting on his knees and popping the question, is something she dreams about all her life. So naturally, waiting for that little question can be very nerve-wracking and restless. However, instead of driving yourself crazy while waiting for that moment, just enjoy every bit of what you are experiencing right now by listening to some of these sweet romantic songs. Here are songs to listen to when you are waiting for him to propose.

1. Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift

This song by Taylor Swift is a very young, youthful and vibrant number that talks about the ups and downs every relationship faces. However, it says that no matter the hurdles, you are ready to walk past them with your partner because he is so perfect.

2. Prettiest Friend by Jason Mraz

This is a very romantic number sung by Jason Mraz for a girl he really loves but is scared to reveal his feelings because he does not want to scare her away. This song will make you understand your partner and what he is going through, and will help you to be more patient with him.

3. Perfect Two by Auburn

Perfect Two is a very lively number by Auburn. It is about how perfect two people are for each other. Auburn uses brilliant adjectives to describe the perfection like,

“You can be the peanut butter to my jelly,
You can be the butterflies I feel in my belly
You can be the captain
And I can be your first mate
You can be the chills that I feel on our first date”

This song is very sweet, romantic and ideal to listen to while you are waiting for him to propose.

4. Marry Me by Train

This song is about a man telling the love of his life how much she means to him. Finally he asks her to to marry him. This song must be straight out of your dreams. While you are waiting for your special someone to ask, you can just live those beautiful moments, that are about to come, through this song.

5. Maybe I Love You by Lenka

This is yet another very adorable and happy number by Lenka. It talks about a woman’s feelings about loving her man so much and hoping that he too feels the same way about her. She says that he is so perfect for her and she thinks that she will be very happy with him.

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