8 Nasty Habits That Damage Your Skin


Most people want great looking skin and go the extra mile to get it. But again, sometimes they overdo it in their zeal to get great looking skin end up damaging it in the process. Great looking skin is a reflection of your healthy body and makeup and other things can only give your skin a temporary glow. If they are not overdoing it, they might be practicing some very nasty habits that might end up damaging their skin. Here are some nasty habits that would damage your skin and if you are doing any of it, it is time you gave it a thought and stopped doing it.

1. Scratching

It does feel good to scratch. You may scratch because of a mosquito bite or an insect bite or because of your allergies. But it is important to realize that as good as it feels to scratch, it can also leave behind unsightly marks that sometimes take a long time to disappear.

2. Smoking

Smoking not only destroys your lungs and cause cancer, but also gives you bad skin. It acerbates acne, makes your lips become darker and generally gives you a pallid look. When you kick off smoking, the first thing you will notice is your skin getting better.

3. Drinking

Drinking is another nasty habit that damages your skin. If you drink too much and do not drink adequate water along with it, you run the risk of getting dehydrated. Dehydrated skin becomes dry, rough and scaly and it definitely is not a pretty sight to look at.

4. Not removing your makeup

It is important to remove your makeup before you go to sleep if you want your skin to breathe and remain younger and more beautiful. If you are too lazy to remove makeup, you should also stop dreaming about having a great looking skin.

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