How Does Exfoliation Make Your Skin Look Beautiful?

How Does Exfoliation Make Your Skin Look Beautiful?

“Ex…fo…what?”, Lisa, asked with surprise. “It’s exfoliation, Lisa. They do it at spa treatments and facial massage sessions all the time. You got it done last month, remember? When the lady at the salon started moving her fingers on your cheek in a circular motion with the scratch pad, she was exfoliating your skin. By exfoliation, I mean, she removed all the dead skin and dirt particles from it”, said Lydia, Lisa’s mother. They were in the cosmetics aisle of the supermarket, thinking which moisturizers to pick up for their own beauty routines at home. “But what are the benefits of exfoliation? How can exfoliation make my skin look beautiful?” Lisa inquired.

Do you want to know a little more about exfoliation along with Lisa? Let’s see what Lydia had to say and take some tips from her.

Benefit#1: Keeps skin clean and smooth

“The skin continuously produces cells. The older skin cells keep piling on the top and cling on to the surface. In order to give way to the younger skin cells to rise up, it’s important to exfoliate”, Lydia explained to Lisa. “Yeah, especially when we’re exposed to so much dust and pollution around us”, Lisa reverted.

Benefit#2: Enhances the effect of skin creams

“What’s the point of using an expensive layer of Shea butter or any other exotic cream if your skin is full of dead cells, right? It’s best to get exfoliation done first, so that the new skin cells can absorb the best of skin products that you apply.” “Yeah, that does make sense, I guess”, Lisa said, still contemplating. Clearly, a big exfoliation lesson we learn from Lydia here is to not let dirt and flakes clog up our skin.

Benefit#3: Makes your skin look younger

“Hey look at what this face wash says”, Lydia said, turning over a tube to read its instructions at the back. “Gently exfoliating your skin with a loofah will increase epidermal turnover rate, giving you great, fresh, lively, awesome skin that breathes”, Lydia read the instructions aloud. “Every face wash says that, doesn’t it?” Lisa asked. “Yes Lisa. You’re right darling, but exfoliation really does help the skin look younger and better toned. It adds a layer of sheen to the skin too”, Lydia concluded.

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