6 Foods to Gain Weight Fast

6 Foods to Gain Weight Fast

Nature has given us several options in terms of food. The way we choose them determines our calorie intake. At a time, when people choose to be skinny like celebrities, there also exists another group of people who want to look voluptuous. This group is constantly in search of foods that help them gain weight fast. All kinds of food have a mix of positives and negatives in them and the way it reacts with your body lies in the quantity consumed. So if you want to gain weight and quickly too, you might as well do it the healthy way. Focus on gaining muscles rather than fat since the latter in excess will do more harm than it does good. Let us look at the healthy options in foods to gain weight fast and in a healthy manner.

1. Salmon

One 3 oz serving of this healthy fish can give you 152 calories. Even if it seems a lot, do not despair. These calories are healthy and will allow you to gain weight by adding muscles. Salmon is the richest dietary source of Omega 3 fatty acids and has its own set of very significant benefits besides being extremely delicious.

2. Chicken breast

Chicken breast is widely considered as the fat free and healthiest part of white meat. Besides this benefit, when cooked well to its juices, it is also very scrumptious. One serving or 70 gm of chicken breast carries 78 calories. This may be paltry, but the way you do your meat adds on the extra calories.

3. Nuts

Almost every kind of nut has some nutrition for you – almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios – there is a whole variety. When taken in moderation, they give your body the much needed nutrition. One serving of cashews has 165 calories and salted or roasted cashew nuts take it way up higher.

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