5 Simple Steps To Remove Eyelash Extensions

5 Simple Steps To Remove Eyelash Extensions

Every one wants to have fuller, darker and longer eyelashes, but for most of us, that is not what we naturally possess. So, we have to depend up on eyelash extensions to make our eyes look all the more sexier and bewitching.

However, these extensions require a lot of care and if you are a clumsy person, not only will they fall out earlier but they will also be destroyed after they fall off. So, we will tell you how to remove your extensions with care so that you can use them at least thrice. Here’s how.

Firstly, eyelash extensions fall off very easily from the skin. You will notice that whenever you wet your lashes or rub your lashes, the extensions have a tendency of coming off. So, the first thing you need to do is take a wet tissue or cloth and wet your lashes.

Secondly, after your lashes are wet, you will need to add a little bit of moisturizer to the water. With this mixture, you should rub your lashes with a bud in soft circular strokes. Whenever a lash unglues itself, pick it off the bud and place it in a small box carefully.

Thirdly, continue doing this till all the false lashes come off and you are left with only your natural lashes. Collect your false lashes in a box and let them dry. Never use a blow dryer on them. Let the lashes dry in their own time.

Fourthly, it is time to take off all of the glue from your eyelids. The glue is a chemical, after all and it’s not advisable to let any chemical stay in touch with your skin for weeks! So, grab your cleanser milk and get to work.

Finally, rub some night cream on your eyes and your eyes are taken care of. As for the false lashes that you have collected, just get some sticking glue from your eyelash spa and you are all set to go again.

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