12 Things You Didn’t Know About Boys

12 Things You Didn't Know About Boys

If you truly believe that guys are from mars and are simply difficult to understand, then to help you decipher the ‘men species’ and to better understand them, here’s a list of 12 surprising things you didn’t know about boys:

1. They don’t like to hear ‘I told you so’

You might be dying to tell him ‘I told you so’ every time he goofs up, but remember that boys absolutely hate to hear these four words. So try and control that urge next time.

2. Boys cry too

One of the common misconceptions about boys is that they don’t cry. Well, they don’t like to show off, but they have got a heart too. They do cry.

3. They don’t like to be asked about how much they earn

Women don’t like to be asked about their age and guys don’t like to be asked about their salary, especially if his is not the highest as compared to other boys.

4. They want you to talk clearly

Boys don’t want to understand the hidden meaning or read between the lines. Whatever it is, they want to hear it clearly. So just speak out rather than implying. Don’t be like a jigsaw puzzle, because they don’t like it!

5. They don’t want you skeleton thin

If you ask guys, they like a bit of softness and cushiony fat. This gives them the feeling of sexiness and softness. Skeleton thin may be your dream, not theirs.

6. They don’t like to talk about their day

Especially if they’ve had a hard day at work, they would like to forget about it rather than babble or crib like women do. So ditch your attempts to get him to talk, just cheer him up with other naughty ways!

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