6 Effects of UV Radiation on You

Effects of UV Radiation on You

UV rays or Ultra Violet rays are found in sunlight naturally but can also be emitted by electric arcs and specialized lights such as mercury lamps and black lights. A major portion of the UV rays found in the sun does not reach you and is absorbed by the nitrogen and dioxygen and is also filtered out by the ozone layer. Although these rays are invisible, they have a lot of effect on you. The effects of UV radiation from the sun and other sources can be both positive and negative on you. UV radiation does not only affect the outer surface of your body, but also the insides. It causes substantial damage to the molecules in the biological system. Here are some effects of UV radiation on you.

1. It helps in the production of Vitamin D

Our body needs UV rays from the sun to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps strengthen our bones by increasing the absorption of calcium by the cells in the body. Vitamin D found in sunlight also helps the body fight against diseases such as rickets. Some studies have also proven that Vitamin D helps in lowering the risks of certain types of internal cancers such as colon cancer.

2. It helps in the treatment of psoriasis

When you have psoriasis, your skin sheds too quickly which results in dry , itchy and scaly patches on your skin. When exposed to UV radiation however, this process is slowed and the symptoms of Psoriasis go down making your skin feel much better. Apart from this UV rays is also used in disinfecting fish tanks and sterilizing medical equipment which can prevent you from getting infected.

3. Sunburn

As much as positive effects UV radiation can have on you, it can also cause some negative effects on you such as sunburn. Sunburn occurs when your skin is damaged by the exposure to UV rays.

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