8 Benefits of Green Beans

8 Benefits of Green Beans

Snap beans, French beans, string beans, green beans or more scientifically, Phaseolus vulgaris; call them whatever you want, but you can’t ignore them when the subject is good health. The health benefits of green beans are many, out of which a few have been compiled below to convince you to include these tender legumes in your diet more often.

1. Sugar level control

Who needs protein shakes, when green beans are here to provide you a good amount of protein, all naturally. When cooked right, this protein helps you to regulate sugar level in the blood. So, green beans provide diabetics and people with hypoglycemia a reason to be merrier.

2. Digestion enhancement

For those of you who are not blessed with a very strong digestive system, green beans can be a boon. They contain dietary fiber which can be your natural laxative and also help you to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

3. Healthy heart

Green beans can be your ride to a healthy heart. With the folic acid they contain, they make for a healthy choice of food for heart patients.

4. Young body

If that didn’t get your attention, hopefully this will. It has come to light that green beans actually have a high concentration of antioxidants, and we all know what they are right? So if you want a healthier, younger body for a long time, start eating those green things right away!

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