8 Myths About Dogs Exposed

8 Myths About Dogs Exposed

Not many people are aware of dog myths. There are some age-old myths about dogs, which will really amaze you. Let us know about those myths, continue reading.

1. Dogs when happy wag their tails

This is an age-old myth. People believe that when a dog is happy, it wags its tail. But, nobody knows that a dog when gets aggressive also wags its tail. This totally depends on the behavior and situation.

2. Dogs always like tasty food

This is not true. Taste does not matter to dogs. It is only the smell of the food which attracts them. They can also have stale food, if they like the smell of it.

3. Pet dog does not need training

This is untrue. Every dog needs a proper training. A pet dog is not trained; one has to train it properly. Most people believe that dogs do not need training, which is not true.

4. Dogs are color blind

Dogs are not colorblind, they can see different spectrum of colors. Normally, dogs cannot see red and blue colors properly, and are mostly attracted to green color.

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