6 Healthy Snacks Ideas to Follow While Watching Movies

6 Healthy Snacks Ideas to Follow While Watching Movies

Movie time at home or the theater is not just to relax and enjoy but also inadvertently, a time to munch snacks. However, this could turn out to accumulate fat in the wrong areas of your body if you continue this habit for too long. This is predominantly because the snacks you choose to munch on while watching movies are filled with high amounts of fat. Also, there tend to be no specific boundary to how much you are consuming simply because you become too engrossed in watching the movie. Hence, you must switch to healthy snacks, which taste great and have high nutritional value, to munch on while watching movies. Here are some healthy snacks ideas.

1. Cut slices of apple. Retain the skin, apply peanut butter on either sides and derive the benefits of fiber from the fruit and protein from the spread. It is a filling snack and also offers goodness of health.

2. Grab a plate of finger foods that are essentially raw veggies and low fat cheese cubes. Prepare or get a low fat dip to complete the snack.

3. Keep hunger pangs away and maintain your blood sugar levels by snacking on low fat cheese spreads on whole grain crackers.

4. Grab a tin of yogurt. Sprinkle almonds or granola for making your snack fuller and healthier.

5. Get a pack of air popped popcorn and make it at home. It comes in several flavors including chocolate, parmesan garlic and marshmallows.

6. Try lean meat that is grilled. This way, you can combine your snacks and meal time into one and also feel fuller and happier at the same time.

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