7 Fitness Secrets of Angelina Jolie

7 Fitness Secrets of Angelina Jolie

If you are one biggest fans of Angelina Jolie, then you might know everything about her. This includes the day she was born and her filmography. However, do you know how she manages to keep herself so young and fit? If your answer is no, then we are here to update you about her diet and fitness secrets. Read on to know more about them.

1. She likes to have small meals throughout the day. This is why she is so active and fit. She moderately consumes about 600 calories in a day, which is less than the average calorie count. However, she says it is enough to keep her active throughout the day.

2. She likes to include lean meals in her daily diet plan. This includes red meat as well. She includes two portions of protein in her diet. She maintains her slim figure by having a complete protein diet once in a week. This makes her active and healthy.

3. If you like the natural glow on her skin, then it is because of coconut oil. You heard it right; she includes coconut oil in her diet. Her breakfast mostly comprises of cereals and fruits, which keeps her energetic throughout the day.

4. She mentioned in one of her interviews, that she also likes soups a lot. She includes soups for complete body detoxification. No wonder, she is so healthy and fit!

5. Angelina Jolie has great abs and hips. She particularly works for that great shape. She has a fixed exercise regime that keeps her active all the time.

6. Angelina Jolie does not believe in having unhealthy food. Healthy food is what keeps her going. She includes lots of proteins and vitamin enriched foods in her diet. That is the secret of her fitness level.

7. She also practices yoga for total muscle strength. This is something you might not know about her. Her other fitness activity includes practicing martial arts.

Now you know your favorite star Angelina Jolie’s fitness secrets. She keeps herself healthy and fit through these secrets. If you are her true fan, then do include some tips in your diet.

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