7 Activities for Senior Citizens

7 Activities for Senior Citizens

If are old enough to be regarded as a senior citizen, then time has now come to sit back and enjoy what remains of this beautiful life. You have worked enough, you have lived up to the expectations of others, you have sacrificed a lot in life and now it is time to give yourself maximum pleasure and finally really do what you want. Here are some activities for senior citizens which you might find interesting.

1. Writing

A nice way to spend time is writing. By now you will have plenty of stuff to write about. You have your own experiences and stories to tell; you have wisdom to give advice to people and even knowledge as to how things should be done. Choose any subject of your choice, pick up a pen and paper, or a PC and start writing or typing. If no other subject interests you, write fiction, and let your imagination run wild.

2. Photography

Buy a camera and start clicking pictures. Now you have ample time to look at the beauty of the world around. So, start capturing it in your camera. If you want you can look up photography magazines and websites for tips on good photography and can put your interest into full use now.

3. Yoga

Join a yoga class. It is extremely important to stay healthy at this age. Your immune system is now weak and is more susceptible to diseases. Practice Yoga everyday and find yourself brimming with newfound energy which you may have experienced in your younger days. The energy you get by performing Yoga will keep you motivated.

4. Fishing

Another interesting activity which you might like to indulge in is fishing. Look for fishing grounds around your locality. You might also join groups for fishing or make friends with people who like fishing and join them. A little patience is required to enjoy this activity and the results you get may be thrilling (or not!).

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