5 Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You at a Party

5 Tips to Get a Guy to Notice You at a Party

Going to parties, dressing up well for the occasion is something we girls frequently do. This is something we all love to do. I am sure, another thing most of us love is, to get noticed and appreciated by a cute boy or a hot sexy man. Well, and for either of them to stay focused on you, you got to make the right move at the right time and you shall have the attention. Here are few tips you could use to get a guy to notice you at a party.

1. Dress fabulously

Putting on the right dress is a job half done if you want a guy to notice you at a party. Remember, do not wear an over revealing dress. It could give an impression that you are looking only for sex. Try and look cute and beautiful. If you manage to do so, you are definitely bound to catch a handsome boy’s eye.

2. Quick glances

If you feel that a guy has been looking at you during the party and you too are interested, then give him a few quick glances now and then. Do not stare. Hold your glance for about a few seconds and then break the contact. The guy will definitely look at you from time to time to see if you are looking at him or not.

3. Keep yourself engaged

Give the guy a chance to notice you. After a few glances, get yourself busy with your friends or in some other random act. This is when the guy will get a chance to admire and appreciate you from top to bottom. When you are busy, the guy gets a chance to praise and accolade you as he knows he will not be caught staring.

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