10 Great First Date Ideas

Great First Date Ideas

You expect your first date to be perfect and memorable. So you obviously don’t want it to be the same dinner and movie routine. You wish it to be different and unique, so that you could cherish it and not fret about it the rest of your life. Here’s presenting to you a few great and interesting ideas for your first date.

1. Go for some activity

This could range from going to shopping malls and taking a look around at the various activities happening there like live music shows, games, having a snack or two at the eateries and similar things. You could also go to for midget golf sessions and just spend your time hitting golf balls.

2. Take a class together

You will have a great time if you find out each others’ interests and then decide to take upon a class that interests both of you. It might be anything from wine tasting to photography or calligraphy to guitar lessons. It’s your choice and it will give you both lots to talk about and is a fun way to break the ice.

3. Go to the zoo

Even here you get plenty of opportunities to talk about random things like knowing each others’ likes and dislikes. Basically, you will have a smooth conversation and won’t even feel the need to fill in every bit of silence. This is because you will also spend sometime looking at the animals, of course.

4. Go to amusement parks

In amusement parks, you can head over to rides such as tilt-a-whirl so that both of you get a chance of being close to each other. So head over to such events and have fun with your date. There are many cool activities there to keep you both busy like adventure rides, games or the one where people have to hit the hammer as hard as they can to ring the bell.

5. Head over to a bowling alley

This a sure shot fun way for spending your time on a first date. You can have a good time, eat snacks and chat along while you are bowling. A bowling alley provides for a nice and comfortable environment for your first date.

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