6 Foods That Make You Smell Bad

6 Foods That Make You Smell Bad

Body odor is determined by a few causes and your diet is largely one of the prominent reasons for body and mouth odor. Masking the smell with perfumes and deodorants may not necessarily be a long term solution or even short term for that matter. Incorporating a change in your diet will help you bring down bad odor to a large extent. Some foods particularly when digested are responsible for a reaction in the body that causes an undesirable smell. These food items include

1. Red Meat

Red meat results in bad body odor because the food takes a very long time to journey through your digestive tract and stagnates there. Undigested food tends to putrefy and when they do so, they release bad smelling gases as well as toxins. These toxins assume the form of flatulence and bad smelling sweat. While all kinds of meat create this reaction to some extent, red meat holds the onus of topping the list.

2. Pungent Foods

Pungent or strong smelling foods or dishes comprising pungent ingredients like spices, garlic and onions have the potency to not just create mouth odor but also bad body odor. The smell heightens when you perspire and the primary reason behind the odor is because spices make sulfurous gases during digestion and these gases mix in your bloodstream quickly. Gases are then released either through pores on skin or from the lungs resulting in an offensive smell. The smell can linger from a few hours to even a couple of days. If it is tough to avoid these ingredients, it is best to use them when you have no meetings to attend.

3. Fibrous Food

Foods that are both high and low in fiber are equal culprits in the production of bad body odor. Methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen are some of the gases that are produced when foods such as legumes, beans, vegetables and whole grains are digested. Also, a diet that has no fiber intake delays digestion and food that stagnates in your digestive system also results in the production of methane, responsible for belching and body odor.

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