5 Things You Should Remember While Dating a Friend

5 Things You Should Remember While Dating A Friend

When you were friends with your now-boyfriend, you seriously didn’t think that you would be dating him in the future. But now that you are, you need to understand there are a few things you should remember while dating a friend. We are here to help you out for the same. So continue reading ahead.

1. Realize that dating is different (from friendship)

There are a different set of rules you need to follow, the way you need to behave when you start dating a friend. For instance, as friends you might have turned up late for a movie with him and his friends. But as dating partners, you need to be on time.

2. Don’t bring up trivial issues

As friends, you probably told him about your menstrual cramps and he is well aware about your mood swings too. But in dating, it’s different. This is no time to bring up those same issues. You simply cannot give him silly excuses like you’re not in the mood for showing up for your date.

3. Don’t take him for granted

Also, a crucial thing to remember while dating a friend is that you shouldn’t take him for granted. Just because he was your friend once, doesn’t mean you should continue the same attitude with him. Now, things have changed and so you should take care of his needs just the same.

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