9 Ways to Protect Yourself When Someone is Stalking You

9 Ways to Protect Yourself When Someone is Stalking You

If you constantly feel that you’re being stalked, then you should immediately take necessary measures to protect yourself. Don’t take any chances, instead, follow these ways to safeguard yourself.

1. Be aware when you are outside

If you think that someone is stalking you, be very aware whenever you step out of the house. Don’t be lost in your smartphone or your music players. Be aware of the sounds around you and don’t shield yourself from the outside world by playing blaring music on your headphones. Whether you are talking on the phone or reading on your laptop, always be alert and aware of your surroundings when you are outside.

2. Don’t have a fixed routine every day

You will make yourself very predictable if you have a fixed routine every day. If someone is stalking you, it will be easy for him or her to expect you at a certain place and at a certain time, if you keep your routine constant. To avoid this and to protect yourself from your stalker, try to bring variation into your routine. For example, instead of going to do your laundry on Thursday evening, go on Wednesday afternoon.

3. Don’t be shy of raising an alarm

Sometimes people feel shy and afraid of raising an alarm even if their instinct tells them that something is about to go wrong. If you feel that you need help to avoid a potentially harmful situation, don’t be afraid to raise an alarm. Feel free to ask for help from anyone around you, because safety comes first.

4. Avoid going out alone

Whether it is going to the supermarket or going to the salon, make sure that you take someone with you if you want to protect yourself from a stalker. You may deter a potential stalker from approaching you if he or she sees that you have someone with you. If you think that it is impossible to have someone with you all the time, don’t venture out alone when it is dark or during odd hours.

5. Don’t walk on empty laneways and streets

You may be taking a shortcut form your bus stop to your home by walking along a secluded alleyway, but you must stop doing that if you want to protect yourself when someone is stalking you. Always take the main street and avoid any laneways or alleyways which are empty or dimly lit. It will be easier to ask for help if you are walking along a bustling street.

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