6 Fast and Easy Breakfast Recipes

6 Fast and Easy Breakfast Recipes

Finding all the time that you want to make and have a healthy breakfast or any meal for that matter seems to be a very ridiculous thought especially when lifestyle has undergone major changes. Finding time by itself is quite difficult especially when you need to juggle so many things around and find it tough to prioritize. It is said and proved that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but very often, due to time constraints, you may have to miss it or have something paltry that does no justice to good health. Ever considered making a healthy breakfast in less than 15 minutes? Well, this question is certainly no myth and there are plenty of options that you may be simply unaware of. Read on to learn some of these recipes that are not just easy and quick to make but wholesome. They deliver a wealth of goodness to your body and mind. They keep your body energetic and help you withstand the pressures of the day. The key to making a fast and easy breakfast recipes lies in your kitchen. Finding a great combination of ready ingredients in the perfect manner makes the food tasty and nutritious. Some such fast and easy breakfast recipes are mentioned here.

1. Cereals are probably your best breakfast companion. While they are good, they may get boring after some time. Make a bowl of cereals nutritious by adding some slices of fresh fruits like bananas, apples, strawberries and just about anything that you prefer. Tossing in some nuts will make your breakfast holistic and tasty.

2. Toast is another popular breakfast choice. Make sure you switch to whole grain breads like whole wheat to get the maximum from your toast. Add in eggs that are filled with protein. Eggs can be made in different ways and attempt a method for different days to bring in a variety. If sunny side up is perfect for day one, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, and eggs fried with spices can follow suit.

3. If you drink milk for breakfast every day, get a protein powder of your choice from the market and whip it up with milk in a blender. Protein is hard to digest and will satiate your hunger for a long time besides giving you goodness.

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