6 Comedy TV Show Characters Whom We Like

We all love watching comedy TV shows. After all, it is these shows that manage to make us smile even on our saddest days. Or must we say, it is the guys who play these crazy characters on these shows who manage to make us laugh till our stomach hurts. We have carefully picked some of the best comedy TV show guys whom we love. Find out if you have the same opinion.

Joey Tribbiani

1. Joey Tribbiani

How can we forget this legendary character from 'Friends'. Joey is a total womanizer, but he is sweet at heart. His other obsessions are food and Huggsy, a soft toy that he hugs while going to bed. Apart from that, he is witty and adorable. He is funny, a joker to be more precise and an inseparable part of 'Friends'. The character Joey was loved so much by the audience that it later became an independent, self-titled show during the final season of 'Friends'.

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Chandler Bing

2. Chandler Bing

Like Joey, Chandler is also one of the main characters of the popular sitcom 'Friends'. He is mostly known for his sarcastic humor which he uses as a defense mechanism whenever he is nervous. He plays the love interest of Monica Geller, the other main character of the series. Chandler is a lovely husband and a great friend. When he realizes that he and his wife cannot have children of their own, he takes the initiative of adopting a child. In fact, he treats the child like his own. He is one of the reasons why we miss 'Friends' so much.

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Barney Stinson

3. Barney Stinson

Barney is mostly known for his sardonic attitude and his womanizing nature. Unlike his friend Ted, who wants to settle down with just one woman, Barney devices plans and alternate plans to charm the female population. People love him so much that he is known as the breakout character of 'How I Met Your Mother'. In fact, his character is believed to be an important reason behind the success of the show. Not an episode would feel complete without Barney's presence.

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Homer Simpson

4. Homer Simpson

Ugly is beautiful, Homer Simpson proved it! No one must have even imagined that a yellow character who burps more than a frog, yawns wider than a lion and is lazier than even a cat, would turn out to become everyone's favorite. What can we say about the longest running animated show ever. And we cannot even imagine 'The Simpsons' without Homer.

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Charlie Harper

5. Charlie Harper

Charlie Harper is the middle-aged bachelor living on a beachfront house in Malibu. He is a womanizer and engages in everything that a "good" guy wouldn't. Frequent one night stands, prostitutes, booty calls, and "relationships" of short duration are no alien concepts to Charlie. Apart from these bad habits, Charlie is also an excessive drinker and chain smoker. In spite of all these annoying habits of his, Charlie is a good guy at heart. His life is basically the dream life of any young bachelor. This must be the main reason why his character received so much of popularity.

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Eric Cartman

6. Eric Cartman

He is the wacko annoying kid in American animated series 'South Park'. The perfect set of adjectives to describe this character is lethargic, obese, kiddish, brattish, hot-tempered, sociopath, racist, sexist and anti-semitic. In short, he is everything that a boy of his age shouldn't be. Yet his character is adored by viewers. His character has often been criticized for the excessive usage of profane terms. However, even critics were not able to wash him out of the hearts of the audience.

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  • Joey Tribbiani
  • Chandler Bing
  • Barney Stinson
  • Homer Simpson
  • Charlie Harper
  • Eric Cartman

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