6 Signs Your Partner is Wasting Your Time in Your Relationship

6 Signs Your Partner is Wasting Your Time in Your Relationship

A relationship works only when both partners reciprocate to each other equally. If you feel that your boyfriend is not into you as much as you are into him, he could be wasting your time. Check out a few of these signs that may help you to figure out if your partner is wasting your time in a relationship or not.

1. He responds to your love and affection only when he wants to

Your boyfriend could be totally misleading you in your relationship if he acts extremely moody in returning your love and affection. Couples can fight and avoid each other sometimes in relationships, but if you get a cold shoulder from your boyfriend very often, he could be wasting your time.

2. He doesn’t care to apologize or improve his mistake

Has it ever happened that your partner commits a terrible mistake and does not even care to apologize to you? Not only can that be hurtful, but also downright insulting. Your boyfriend may not be worth your time if he does not even have the basic decency of being sorry for hurting you. This could also mean that he really does not care about your feelings.

3. You have caught him eyeing and flirting with other women casually

Catching your boyfriend casually flirting with other women could be a sign of him not being interested in you enough. He may not hold the virtue of loyalty in high stead and that could be a giveaway that he is wasting time, and is not as serious as he should be. If he does not accept your flirtatious behavior with other men, he too should not be crossing his boundaries.

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