5 Tips To Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

 5 Tips To Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

Mary, my friend, recently delivered her first baby. Shaun and Mary both got their angel after a long time. One can imagine the boundless happiness in their family. Mary gained immense weight during the three trimesters. It takes a toll on your health during the whole journey. All new moms just like Mary go through this process at least once in their lifetime. Their whole cycle turns topsy-turvy, as moms have to manage according to the baby’s schedule. Weeks after Mary’s delivery, I met her with the baby at the supermarket and was surprised to see her back in shape. Mary looked remarkably different. You all desire to be a proud mom, but you also want your body to get back in shape quickly, don’t you? Here is what Mary did out of her grueling schedule without pressurizing herself.

1. Be determined

Determination is the key to all. If you are determined, things will work for you. So keep your spirits high and work towards your goal. Cribbing will not help but determination and working towards how you can find time, sought ways to be active and not sit at one place will surely help. Also, set a goal that you want to be shapely and energized as quick as possible.

2. Breastfeed

Breastfeeding your baby is a wonderful way to shed the extra pounds. It benefits both the mom and the baby, so there is no reason to avoid enjoying the experience. It is known to burn up to 500 calories a day!

3. Hit the gym

Joining a gym is definitely a wise idea rather than sitting back and thinking on how you will lose those extra pounds. Following a routine with some light cardio and stretching exercises with the assistance of a trainer will help. You can yourself find ways to drop your baby when he/she is sleeping at a friend’s house or carrying him/her to the gym in a baby pram. A 30 minutes workout would suffice in the beginning. Accompany a friend who is also eager to shed weight. This gives you a moral support and you can both swap workouts and manage accordingly. Avoid heavy lifting as your uterus may not be prepared for the same. Swimming can also be tried if your doc gives a green signal. Make your workout fun filled.

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