6 Reasons to Watch Justified

6 Reasons to Watch Justified

Justified- The drama series based on Elmore Young’s novels and developed by Graham Yost and starring Timothy Olyphant airing on FX, it follows the lead Raylan Givens (Olyphant), a law enforcement officer who practices his own version of justice in his hometown in Kentucky. The show has received critical acclaim for its acting, direction, storyline, plot and writing. The treatment and the plot keep you glued to your screen and is very much worth your time. Here are a few reasons that justify watching Justified.

1. Timothy Olyphant

His acting skills breathe life into the central and the lead character Raylan Givens. Since the story revolves around him, he has a lot to do and he does it with perfection. He is stylish, cool and composed and to make him more interesting his character has a layered past.

2. The setting

Harlan County, the fictional hometown of Raylan and the setting for the show is a small, beaten down town, but is so realistic, that you feel like you are walking into a town that actually exists. Even the depressive air hovering around the town does not put you off.

3. Cinematography

It is brilliant and the locations are just so awesome that you sometimes would want to watch the show just to look at all those beautiful places.

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