7 Signs You Have a Bad boss

7 Signs You Have a Bad boss

Having a good boss is nothing less than a boon. A good boss is one who understands and respects you, your career objectives and your life beyond work. However, not everybody is lucky enough to be blessed with a good boss. Since all bosses cannot be the good one, your relationship with them totally depends on how well you tackle them. Here are classic signs of an extremely ineffective and bad boss.

1. Your boss doesn’t work but only delegates

If you have a boss who doesn’t work at all but is able to get all her work done by delegating it to her team member, then there definitely is an issue. Such bosses have no idea about the exact amount of time a specific job takes and this at times can turn out to be very demanding.

2. She takes all the credit for your hard work

A lazy boss who never does any work will always find faults with your work and on the pretext of polishing it will smartly add her name to the task, actually done by you. Such bosses are difficult to tolerate as the credit for all your hard work is passed on to your boss in front of her superiors.

3. She fails to defend you or your team in public

If your boss is intimated by her superiors or customers in crisis scenarios and instead of taking the responsibility of her team, points fingers at you and your team members for the problems created, then your boss is surely not worth her position.

4. She is unreliable

If your boss is someone you cannot rely upon, then definitely, she doesn’t deserve your respect. If she is the one who says she will review your report by Wednesday, but never does it or if she says, she will forward you the meeting details, but forgets to do so, then working with her becomes a big problem.

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