5 Tips To Help Kids Cope With Your Divorce Proceedings

5 Tips To Help Kids Cope With Your Divorce Proceedings

“Handling your children during divorce will be one of the toughest challenges you will ever face in life”, said Megan, 39, who recently separated from her husband of 16 years. Megan has an 11-year old son, Chris, who had to face the mental and emotional trauma of their divorce. Read on to know more about our candid chat with Megan and learn how to handle your kids during divorce.

1. Control your own emotions

“Emotional outbursts during divorce are common and I’ll admit it, I had many bouts of emotional outbursts. But we need to understand that we shouldn’t be letting out our emotions in front of our kids because it will scare them for life”, said Megan. We certainly understand this tip on how to handle your kids during divorce because watching their parents cry can be the worst memory any child can carry through his/her lifetime. So, ladies and gentlemen, control your emotions.

2. Keep your children busy

The best way to keep your children away from the trauma and anxiety of a divorce is to keep them busy and occupied. “I asked Chris to take up a new hobby and made sure he was super busy all the time during my divorce proceedings. The fact that Chris was busy and occupied, took his mind away from the troubles I was facing during divorce”, said Megan, who also mentioned that this was one of the best tips she could give any parent.

3. Ask a close relative or family member to watch over your children

“My mother played a very important role in handling Chris during and the months right after my divorce. She was there for me and was around Chris to talk him through what was happening. For Chris, this was a welcome change and he had someone else to talk to about what was going on”, said Megan who also thought that having someone around to look after her son took a lot of pressure off her. But before you put this tip into practice, we suggest that you pick someone who is reliable, trustworthy and a close family member.

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